If you’re a Wisconsin homeowner, you already know how important it is that your home have a high-quality, properly sized, energy-efficient heating system. Regardless of the type of equipment you choose for your home, if it is manufactured using substandard parts or design elements—or if it is improperly installed—it won’t keep you and your family warm when winter’s cold winds come howling.

For four decades, Weyer & Sons Heating & Cooling has provided heating installation and repair services for homeowners throughout Washington County. When you choose Weyer & Sons Heating & Cooling, you won’t need to worry about inferior workmanship or service. All of the heating installation and replacement products that we carry are carefully screened and selected for durability and performance. And, our trained technicians are committed to meeting the highest service standards as well.

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Signs It’s Time For A Furnace Repair

Richfield, WI Heating System in need of Repair - Weyer & Sons

We use our heating systems an average of seven months of the year. Every day, every hour, your furnace runs for up to 20 years. This wear and tear does eventually catch up to the system. Regular maintenance and service help your system last longer. Furnaces should be checked yearly, or every two years as recommended by the manufacturers for optimum lifespan. The average lifespan of a furnace is 15-20 years with proper service.

Signs It’s Time For Furnace Service or Repair

  • Odd sounds or smells
  • Poor or no heating
  • Continuous running of the unit
  • Water leaking
  • Erratic operation
  • High gas bills
  • Nausea or symptoms of dizziness

Choosing the Right Heating System For Your Home

When you need a new heat system for a home, it is important to choose one that is appropriate for the size of your home. It is also important to choose one to suit your needs as far as comfort, whether it be air quality, humidification, or the use of whole home technology. A properly planned and installed system ensures the fewest problems, and many years of reliable and affordable service. Our 40 years of experience will help to advise you on the right solution for your needs and lifestyle.

Based on your needs, our professional installers can offer the following home-heating systems and components:

For a list of the brands we install and repair, visit our Brands page.

Weyer & Sons of Washington County Heating Inspection
Wisconsin Heating System Installed by Weyer & Sons

Heating Repair Services

No one likes waking up on a cold winter morning to find out that their home’s boiler or furnace is broken. But, even as chilly as it gets in Wisconsin, being cold isn’t the only problem a broken furnace can cause. Depending on what’s wrong with your home’s heat system, a malfunctioning furnace can be a fire hazard, contribute to air pollution in your home, or contribute to a buildup of dangerous carbon monoxide.

If your home’s furnace or boiler appears to be malfunctioning or operating below normal performance standards, it may be time to call a qualified repair specialist from Weyer & Sons.

Schedule a Home Heating Service Appointment

Don’t wait until your toes are frozen to find out your furnace is broken! The professional service technicians at Weyer & Sonsare very big on cleaning and preventative maintenance measures for your system. It is also important to choose a system to suit your needs. It is amazing how many things we find on a cleaning that would have been a definite “No Heat” call in the near future. With regular service, you will gain a better idea of the life expectancy of your system. You will be able to research, plan, and save for the types of heating products we can provide for your future needs!

It is also important to choose a system to suit your needs. A properly planned and installed system ensures the fewest problems and many years of reliable and affordable service.

Weyer & Sons offers HVAC and heating system installation, repair, and inspection services in Germantown, Hartford, Richfield, Slinger, West Bend, and the surrounding communities in Washington County. Call or contact us today to schedule a cleaning and tune-up.