For over 40 years, Weyer & Sons Heating & Cooling has provided hot water boiler installation and repair services in Germantown, Hartford, Richfield, Slinger, West Bend, and the surrounding communities of Washington county. As one of the community’s most respected HVAC service providers, we are committed to installing the finest boilers and furnaces on the market.

If your home has radiators or radiant floor heating, you likely already know why boilers are so popular throughout Wisconsin. In addition to being highly energy efficient and dependable, boilers typically require a little less maintenance because they don’t have a lot of mechanical parts. Relatively simple in design but advanced in performance, they have been keeping families warm for hundreds of years.

Boiler Installed in Washington County by Weyer & Sons

Boiler Installation Services

Wisconsin Basement Boiler Repaired by Weyer & Sons
Wisconsin Boilers Serviced by Weyer & Sons

Whether you need your boiler replaced or are deciding on what heating system to use in a new home, our professional boiler installers can help. Depending on which boiler best meets your needs, we can install any major make or model of gas-fired or oil-fired boiler. Technology has brought operations and efficiency of new boilers to a level that is equal to any forced air furnace, even to the point that there are Focus On Energy rewards available for these premier units.

If you’re considering having a hot water boiler installed but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for you, consider:

  • Boilers typically need fewer repairs than other types of heating systems and last longer.
  • Boilers are known for being better for those with asthma and allergies. Because boilers don’t use vents and ducts, and instead work by heating water that is then distributed through pipes, there’s no dust collected or distributed into the home’s air.
  • New boiler systems are known for being extremely energy efficient. In fact, some boilers have efficiencies of nearly 99 percent.
  • Boilers use an annual-fuel-utilization-efficiency (AFUE) rating to measure their efficiency. The more efficient the boiler, the higher its AFUE rating.

We carry and repair the following brands of hot water boilers: Burnham, Crown Boiler, and Weil-McLain. For a list of the other heating and cooling system brands we partner with, visit our Brands page.

Boiler Repair Services

Although hot water boilers are known for their long life and dependability, they do still occasionally need repair. If you notice any of the following, it is likely that your boiler needs to be fixed:

  • It’s producing rumbling, booming, or pinging sounds.
  • There’s water leakage or water pooling.
  • There are signs of corrosion.

Schedule a Boiler Installation or Repair Appointment

Although boilers typically need little in the way of repair, it is still recommended that you have your boiler inspected on an annual basis in the late summer or fall. This is to catch any warning signs early and prolong the life of your investment.

Weyer & Sons Heating & Cooling offers boiler installation, repair, replacement, and inspection services in Germantown, Hartford, Richfield, Slinger, West Bend, and the surrounding communities of Washington County. We have over 40 years of experience keeping Wisconsin families warm through the winter. Call or contact us today for your free estimate.